Chipped or Broken tooth using Cosmetic dentistry by Dr. Negari at Los Gatos, CA

Broken Teeth Treatment at Los Gatos, CA

chipped teeth

Chipped or broken tooth will affect the appearance of tooth structure and may cause severe dental related problems. It is important to take care of oral health problems by scheduling an appointment with the dentist for treatment of chipped tooth.

If the chipped tooth is neglected and exposes of tooth enamel may cause dental decay, sensitivity, gum problem, or even leads to a tooth loss. So, the dentist usually fixes minor chip problem with dental bonding using the tooth colored material. If the tooth is severely damaged then, the dentist may suggest having a dental crown or veneers which look similar to natural teeth. The treatment should be done at earlier stages or it may cause severe dental problems in future and it will be difficult to treat.

The dentist says that it is easy to repair the chipped teeth without worrying the loss of the tooth. If chipped tooth leads to the cavity, then it requires root canal treatment to remove infected pulp. After the root canal treatment, the tooth becomes very thinner and finally, the dentist places dental crowns or veneers to fix the chipped tooth.

There are 3 ways to fix chipped or broken tooth

  1. Dental Bonding
  2. Dental Crowns
  3. Veneers

Dental bonding treatment:

First, the dentist will rectify the percentage loss of tooth structure whether the chip is visible with minor cracks or not. If the loss is very minimal, it can be fixed with bonding in the first visit to our clinic.

Dental binding is a painless procedure and can be done very quickly. The dentist prepares a composite resin material and places on chipped tooth to the natural shape of your teeth, and then a high-density UV light is placed on bonding to harden the material. Finally, the treatment process is done.

Dental Crowns

For a larger chipped tooth, you require dental crowns. Most of the crowns are used for molar teeth because the teeth get attacked by the cavity and severely damage your teeth one after the other. So, the molar teeth should undergo root canal treatment to completely clean the teeth before placing the crown.

Usually, crowns are of different types and made up of long lasting material like a metal crown, ceramic crown, resin etc. It depends on which type of crown you require based on cost, durability and natural looking teeth appearance.

To place dental crown it requires at least two dental visits:

At first visit, you may need to have root canal treatment to remove the infected pulp and excess teeth to support the dental crown. X-ray is taken for proper analysis of tooth structure and chipped tooth. A temporary crown is placed to line the tooth correctly before placing permanent crown.

At the second visit, the dentist will remove the temporary crown and replaced with permanent crown either metal or ceramic.

Porcelain Veneers

Alternate options other than crowns are porcelain veneers; if you have any chipped tooth at the front then veneers are the solution. It is a thin shell of porcelain covering the chipped portion of teeth and complete total smile restoration. It will also reduce gaps, and improve chewing experience.
It takes nearly 2 visits to fix the chipped tooth using porcelain veneers. At first visit, a small surface layer of the chipped tooth is removed and applied temporary veneers.
During the second visit, temporary veneers are removed and placed permanent porcelain veneers to the chipped teeth.

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